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Certified Organizational Culture Transformation Champion (COCTC)

Organizations used consultants and may have their own cultural transformation strategy. However, implementation and execution is their pain. Usually, they will not able to transfer their culture strategy into reality. 

One of the critical key player in organizations to support their Organizational Culture Transformation (OCT) is the CHAMPION. 

In our COCTC program, we are helping organizations to prepare their OCT champion and key influencers to support the implementation of their own culture strategy and plan effectively. And, they’ll be able to improve it and advise the company employees from all levels in a creative and facilitative way. 

Besides, they’ll have knowledges, skills, behavioral skills, competencies, and capabilities that required in their new roles and how to balance between their role as OCT Champion and their job position and duties. 

One of the advantage of this program, that it applicable to support your business regardless of it’s type, size, kind of business, and the details of your OCT strategy and plan. 

Also, we could help you to find and select the employees that are most eligible for this program and this role. And, we could plan a regular continuing learning plan and implement it to have better and more effective champions. 


If your company needs to prepare its culture champions and key influencers, you can book this course, especially for your employees only or you can send them to one of our public events. 

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Your Facilitators (The Experts)

This program is delivered by three leadership and organizational culture gurus who are recognized globally.

Aymen Saihati

Daniel Edds

Erik Vermeulen

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