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Daniel Edds

Daniel Edds

Daniel Edds has been a management consultant for twenty-five years. His clients include states, cities, counties, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits. He holds an MBA in International Business from the Alber’s School of Business and Economics at Seattle University. Dan is a Kaplan Norton in Scorecard graduate, certified Lean practitioner, an experienced Project Manager Professional, and a senior Baldrige Examiner through the Alliance program.

As the author of Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership and Transformation Management, he is recognized internationally for his expertise in applying classical systems thinking to the practice of organizational leadership. He lives in Bellevue, Washington and serves on several nonprofit boards. He also volunteers at teh Monroe Correctional Facility, assisting incarcerated men in their personal transformation

Speech Areas

  • Culture Mapping
  • Designing Your Culture
  • Develop a high-impact organizational culture that will a) transform the workplace, b) deliver extraordinary customer value, and c) become a catalyst for systemic change.
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Genetics of Leadership
  • Rethink Leadership
  • The Future of Leadership
  • The Leadership System
  • Designing Leadership Systems
  • Capturing the power of servant leadership
  • The DNA of Employee Engagement
  • Developing the employee experience
  1. Of Collaboration
  2. Of Psychological safety
  3. Of empowerment
  • Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization
  • Unleashing the power of human innovation



Other Services

Consulting Services by
Daniel Edds
Custom Engineer Your Organization’s Culture DNA

  • Your cultural DNA is your most valuable competitive edge. The employee experience, the customer experience, fundamental values, the value offered to customers, and, ultimately, your brand are all reflected in organizational culture. You have your own culture, and no one can emulate it better than you!
  • Smart firms understand that while inspiring leadership can assist in developing culture, it cannot maintain it. As a result, they are creating cultures by establishing leadership systems.

Our Approach to Culture Building Consulting

Our approach to client consultation is best defined as guided self-discovery. We assist you through a process in which you will discover what culture and leadership system will work best for you by using visual tools such as storyboarding, mind mapping, and group facilitation. Because we begin with a complete assessment of your business and culture, we collaborate with our customers to develop a road map from where they are to where they want to go.

How to Create an Organizational Culture?

What do they require from you and your team, in their opinion? Perhaps it is superior quality or customer service. This may differ depending on the industry. Quality in healthcare may be seen as safety. Customer service might be defined as the overall value supplied in the manufacturing industry. Whatever it is, we will start here.

The employee experience might center on relationships, respect, teamwork, cooperation, physical safety, psychological safety, compassion, and even love. You may think of this as the core of the leadership system.

Every firm’s three most important resources are people, money, and knowledge. Innovative businesses recognize that each one holds the key to increasing customer value.

Culture and leadership may be seen as a set of roles, routines, regulations, and behavioral patterns. Each of these must be identified and included in every leader’s regular job.

We believe in the ancient adage that “what gets measured gets done.” We think that leadership is vital for the formation of culture; hence, culture is one of the measures of leadership.

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