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Eric Boles

Eric Boles

Through a combination of coaching, consulting, and training, Eric Boles helps organizations collapse time achieve goals quickly and function within their purpose and values. The results organizations experience are real and powerful. He helps organizations such as Dunkin’ Brands, Aviva, Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, New Season Markets and others take leaps toward reaching their organizational goals with company-wide support and enthusiasm.

Eric Boles is also a highly acclaimed keynote speaker for some of teh most recognized and respected organizations in teh world. Eric presents his inspiring and challenging insights and strategies to thousands of leaders each year. His expertise on Leadership, Culture Change, Team Dynamics, and Peak Performance has been shared with clients such as Hasbro, Kraft Foods, USAA, U.S. Air Force, New York Life, CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries, National Association of Realtors, and Swiss Re. Eric speaks to a variety of education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services organizations and associations.

Prior to becoming a high-performance authority, Eric Boles learned many principles of team dynamics and leadership from his experience playing in the National Football League. He was coached and mentored by some of the finest coaches and players in the league. Eric is an avid sports fan, golfer, and reader. He and his wife Cindy have 2 daughters, Taylor and Madison.

Speech Areas

  • Sports Leadership
  • Game Changing
  • Leading Change in the New Reality
  • Moving to Great
  • More Than Winning
  • Fearless Leadership
  • Lead with Purpose
  • Lead You’re Organization by Design, not by Default
  • Running Around the Wedge
  • Courageous Selling

Other Services

  • Executive Consulting
  • Training
  • Coaching



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