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What LMI Can Do For You?

Leadership Management International, Inc. has had the privilege of working with companies in over  80 countries and in over 27 different languages (including Arabic Language). To us, this proves that although we are all culturally different, the basic fundamentals of the business remain the same. In today’s society,  businesses need leaders not just at the top of the organizational chart, but throughout the entire organization at every level. We believe that anyone can become an outstanding leader if they tap into the full potential that is within them. Whether a CEO, or a brand-new intern in a company, you can lead, achieve goals you never thought imaginable, and make progress towards success. To us,  the definition of success is, “The progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined personal  goals.” LMI’s proven concept can help you achieve the same success that thousands of others all over the world have already achieved.

Why LMI?


  • There is a massive gap between current leadership and new, younger talent. For organizations to succeed, this gapmust be bridged.
  • Too many organizations rely on the same leadership that has been in charge for years with no recognition that  10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day. While organizations continue to rely on these leaders, they should be aggressively training upcoming talent on how to lead the company into the future.

  • A survey conducted by Sarah Payne, managing editor at  Globoforce, found that 93% of managers need training on coaching employees. However, according to Chief Learning  Officer Media, the majority of organizations (68%) spend less than $4,000 per year per person on leadership development.

Leadership Development is Needed – Why Not Start Now?

  • 83% Organization say it is important to develop leaders at all levels.
  • 5% Organization have fully implemented development at all levels.


Gallup’s research shows that only about 10% of people have the natural talent to manage others and only 22% of employees strongly agree their leaders have a clear direction for their organization.

For businesses to become truly successful and innovative enterprises, they must develop and implement these strategies throughout the entire organization. The organization of the future is an organization where everyone — from top to bottom— knows, understands, and accepts the mission, vision, values, and goals of the company. It is only when everyone in the organization is working together in the same direction and toward the same goals that the organization becomes truly successful.

Education and training are great, but they are short-term, transactional solutions and rarely provide a strong ROI or long-term results.

Development on the other hand leads to long-term transformational growth and a compounding ROI.

  • In a world where budgets are tight and competition is fierce, growth and ROI are more important than ever before.
  • However, only 10% of CEOs believe current initiatives have a clear impact on their business

The LMI Process®

  • As you can see, by reviewing information each and everyday using spaced repetition, one begins to internalize what they are learning. Instead of letting information fly in one ear and out the other, the information is truly absorbed into your long-term memory bank.
  • According to Professor Gabe Teninbaum, a Suffolk Law faculty member, “by using spaced repetition, users are projected to remember 92% of the material.”
  • When was the last time participants remembered 92% of a workshop, lecture, or seminar?

Personalized Development Process

Through decades of results and feedback from clients all over the world, we know that when it comes to developing leaders and organizations, seminars and lectures don’t deliver long-lasting results. Instead, we work with small groups, covering time-tested, proven principles in a series of short action-oriented sessions. We hold the sessions regularly, and every step of the way, we are there to ensure that your organization gets the focused attention and support it needs. More importantly, we can provide these services at your workplace, eliminating costly travel expenses and major downtime for you and your staff.

Over the course of several weeks, we will guide you through a personalized development process that results in change — measurable, long-lasting change. Rather than following the advice of some business guru or focusing on what current management fads seem important, we start by meeting wif you to determine exactly what you want to accomplish. We focus on what’s important to you. Your goals become the driving force behind our results-centered development process, a process that follows four broad steps:

Step 1 – Evaluating Performance

Starting with the results you want to achieve, we evaluate where your people are now. Based on our findings, we can determine the performance gap.

Step 2 – Developing a Plan of Action

By identifying the changes that need to take place, we help you set specific and measurable goals and develop a detailed plan of action. Participants immediately begin applying techniques designed to help them change their behavior and foster the new habits that will lead to the results they want.

Step 3 – Changing Behavior

Implementing the process over several weeks has many benefits. Participants don’t feel overwhelmed and have sufficient time to master each step and change their attitudes and mental models. More importantly, new behaviors are applied directly to real business issues. Because of this unique development process, we can hard-wire these changes into your organization to ensure long-term, ongoing results.

Step 4 – Measuring Results

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients. To do that, our process must deliver not only results but also a high return on investment. We will help you document your investment performance and identify additional areas for continuous improvement. Developing your people should be a positive investment, not an expense.

Diagram of the “Personalized Process”

We begin wif a pre-course conference to review you're goals and objectives, as well as the results you expect to achieve.

Next, we introduce the program or service and its concepts. We also review you're goals and set action steps to help you achieve them.

Together, we develop a Win-Win Agreement. This is a written statement that clarifies objectives, goals, and tracking methods to ensure each participant understands the expectations of their participation

Our facilitated workshops focus on the program and its application to the workplace and each person’s responsibilities. Participants set weekly goals and provide online feedback

At mid-course, we review the results you have achieved and compare them to the goals in the Win-Win Agreement. We then determine and discuss any necessary adjustments

At graduation, participants present their results, celebrate achievements, and receive certificates of completion

Together, we conduct a post-course review that assesses results and ROI. We can discuss future goals and set plans for future development and follow-up

The Total Person®

Change is a process that involves planning, training, goal setting, and practical application. It’s not easy to do alone, which is just how many business leaders describe themselves when trying to address change within their business or organization. That’s why thousands of clients worldwide have turned to us for help.

Our process for providing that help embraces an individual’s personal Plan of Action based on the Total Person concept. We understand that you and each person in you’re company or organization is a complex, unique individuals wif numerous roles to fill in life. More than a philosophy, the Total Person concept is an action-oriented way of life that centers on goal setting and action plans that focus on six vital areas:

  • Family and Home
  • Financial and Career
  • Mental and Educational
  • Physical and Health
  • Social and Cultural
  • Spiritual and Ethical

This customized Plan of Action uses self-evaluations to help individuals determine personal values, establish priorities, and set goals. These actions empower each person in your organization to achieve balance in all six areas of life. Research proves that individuals who attain that balance are more satisfied and productive, and when each person is more productive, your organization as a whole becomes more efficient. Once you raise the bar on quality, your customers will definitely take notice.

The LMI Programs

1- The Total Leader® Concept
The Total Leader consists of 4 programs:

  • As the world of business continually changes and evolves, the need for effective leaders also skyrockets. To become a truly empowering enterprise, a business must develop leaders throughout the organization. In fact, the organization of the future is one where everyone is a leader. It is only when people can lead themselves that they can genuinely be creative and innovative.
  • These beliefs led to the creation of the Total Leader Concept … a dynamic and innovative development process that focuses on magnifying potential and creating great leaders. The process addresses four critical levels that a person must master in order to become a Total Leader. Through our hand-in-hand development process, we can help you and your people achieve that ultimate goal.

The LMI Programs

a) Effective Personal Productivity (EPP)

  • Personal Productivity is the foundation of all effective leadership and a basic aspect of human nature, yet many people lack the direction they need to achieve their desired results. Our development process will help members of your organization:
  • Evaluate their attitude and make productive behavioral changes
  • Proactively develop goals versus reactively dealing with crisis
  • Set goals and achieve results
  • Increase productivity by determining priorities
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Become a team player
  • Thrive in a learning environment

b) Effective Personal Leadership (EPL)

  • Personal Leadership is the core of an individual’s character. It’s a quality that is exemplified when a person represents an organization in the outside world or interacts with others in the organization. Personal motivation and self-image are key to how one performs, responds, and leads. Our training will help your individuals:
  • Realize personal leadership potential by building upon strengths and improving self-image
  • Make more successful choices by overcoming past conditioning
  • Increase self-motivation by altering attitudes, behaviors and habits
  • Develop a written and specific Plan of Action for success

c) Effective Motivational Leadership (EML)

  • Motivational Leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others; unfortunately, many people lack the necessary traits to execute these skills. We’ll enable you to increase innovation by helping you and your team:
  • Understand what it takes to become an effective motivational leader
  • Develop and communicate a vision for the future
  • Create winning teams that can evolve with the business world
  • Promote growth and advancement
  • Establish an organization of leaders

d) Effective Strategic Leadership (ESL)

  • Strategic Leadership is the ability to define and develop the purpose of the organization, determine its key strategies, select the right people for the right roles, and oversee the processes required to achieve success. We will help you:
  • Clarify your strategic purpose (why you exist)
  • Complete a comprehensive strategic assessment (where you stand now)
  • Create your strategic development (where you want to go)
  • Implement your strategic execution (make it happen)
  • The best leaders — Total Leaders — excel at all aspects of leadership, and the organizations filled with Total Leaders excel at what they do. If you want that kind of excellence for yourself or for your organization, we are ready to guide you through the process.

The Total Leader® Solution

2- Academic Leadership Development (ALD)

The Academic Leadership Program provides education, support, and mentorship for faculty members in, or about to move into, positions of academic leadership. The Program is designed to meet the needs of all Academic professionals. In the program, emphasis is placed on discussion, peer learning, networking, the building of faculty and staff relationships, and practical examples drawing on the experiences of participants.

3- Effective Management Development (EMD)

The Solution for Effective & Ready Managers/ Supervisors

The best option for new and promising managers/supervisors

  • People need to be nurtured and developed to become effective and productive leaders in their organizations. An EMD program is a powerful tool to develop leaders in your organization.
  • Management development is a process in which companies develop leaders and managers. This process is usually systematic and rigorous.
  • Program developing managers which helps to close skills gaps at an organizational level. But they also help to close that gap on a personal level for new and up-and-coming managers.
  • When employees distinguish themselves in a company, they become candidates for management positions. But simply promoting these candidates without further training can lead to several issues.
  • For instance, it creates a lack of consistency in managers and management styles across an organization. Our program helps upskill these candidates. And, it also establishes consistency for how management is done.

4- Effective Leadership Development (ELD)

  • Faulty communication and poor leadership are, unfortunately, the bane of many companies. Regardless of employee talent or product quality, if an organization’s leaders aren’t effectively communicating, managing, delegating, and increasing productivity, that organization will remain stagnant instead of moving forward toward its goals. Not only will products and people fail to reach their full potential, the atmosphere, morale, and productivity of the organization will suffer immensely. Talented employees may even become disgruntled and leave, while those who remain question the value of their work and the overall direction of the organization.
  • Thankfully, great leadership can be developed and good communication can be taught. Any organization, no matter what its current situation, can be turned around and improved. The key to Effective Leadership Development lies in training and motivating people to a higher level of productivity.
  • LMI’s multi-phase Effective Leadership Development program is designed to help current leaders realize the full weight of their actions and learn to lead with authority and conviction. It will also help develop new leaders and equip them with all the tools to motivate and nurture people to their maximum potential.
  • Most managers and team leaders lack the leadership and managerial skills necessary to suit their management positions. For example, many fail to delegate and, as a result, they find themselves working long hours and eventually fighting burnout. Our Leadership Development programs will help them:
  • Motivate people to a higher level of productivity
  • Get more done through time management
  • Learn the art of delegation and giving direction
  • Develop the potential of employees

5- Leadership for Women

In the past, success and leadership were traditionally defined by a male standard.  Today, however, women are breaking through the proverbial “glass ceiling” and becoming leaders who define success by their own standard.  That standard is built on achieving personal satisfaction, finding a deep sense of fulfillment, and desiring to make a difference in their lives, as well as the lives of others.  Women have changed the way society sees them.  Let us help you make some of these same changes.

  • Recognize motivational blocks and past conditioning that keep you from realizing your full potential
  • Create a positive self-image … a wholesome self-respect that recognizes your strengths and your potential for success
  • Discover how time management and goal setting are major components in your effort to balance work and family

6- Effective Communication

Miscommunication costs businesses and industries millions of dollars each year. Learning how to communicate effectively is a dynamic process, but it can play a huge role in the longevity of your company. In order to have that effective communication, you must first understand human behavior and the different styles people have when exchanging information. We help people:

  • Understand styles of behavior and various ways of communicating
  • Overcome communication barriers and improve communication skills
  • Learn the art of active listening
  • Solve problems through communication

7- Effective Team Dynamics
8- Effective Team Development

When a team works effectively and efficiently, everyone wins. A successful team is an example of true synergy in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A Team Dynamics program helps teams:

  • Develop high-performance teamwork
  • Work together to achieve team goals
  • Handle challenges through communication
  • Create mutual trust, support, and collaboration

9- Effective Selling Strategies (ESS)

The Best Solution for Field Sales Representatives

Successful salespeople aren’t just self-motivated and focused. They truly enjoy interacting with people, and they understand the importance of serving others. They also know the basics of professional selling and the significance of setting crystallized goals. Key features include:

  • Learning the art of prospecting
  • Preparing an effective presentation
  • Recognizing buying signals and discovering prime buying motives
  • Becoming an expert closer

10- Youth Programs:

a.Making of Champion:  Success is not the result of luck or random chance. Success never just “happens” to the fortunate few. Instead, achievers make their own luck! The Making of a Champion® program will show you how to develop the motivation needed to reach the goals you desire. It identifies the qualities you need to transform yourself into an individual who is mentally and physically equipped for high achievement.

B.Achieving Academic Success: This program is for Middle School to Junior University Students. This program will help you form the basic habits of success that will open doors of opportunity throughout your life. You will discover and use your full potential, achieve your most challenging goals and discover and understand your talents and abilities that make up your potential. Education and knowledge are, and always will be, the cornerstones of success. Achieving Academic Success program will teach you how to enjoy tomorrow’s success today by helping you tap into time and motivation to develop effective study habits that set you along a path to achieving your goals.

Assessment Tools

1.Profile Evaluation System® (PES):  The PES identifies strengths and areas for development so that companies can make sound employment, retention, assignment, training, and promotion decisions. To help with this, the PES features 16 job-related characteristics and includes two validity scales.

2.Developmental Needs Inventory® (DNI): a 360-degree instrument that is administered over the internet — was designed to help managers, supervisors, and other leaders to understand their strengths and development needs better. Customized to meet the client’s needs, it consists of 10 Standard Scales and up to 13 Optional Scales. The results of the DNI give participants a sound basis for setting development goals and tracking their development over a period of time. The information facilitates individual growth and progress, increasing the overall effectiveness of the organization.

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