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Note: This program is not a traditional training course, but rather a professional development program that combines advisory work, coaching, guidance, certification and work according to a clear methodology and steps.

Certified Advanced Strategic Leadership Executive™ (CASLE™)

We aim to build a World-Class Strategic Leaders!

What is this Program?

A unique program that combines development methodologies with a professional certification to provide a highly qualified strategic leader. These strategic leaders will help their organizations achieve successful strategic leadership transformation and execution. This program is designed to assist the organization's top management and strategic office in becoming more agile and capable of implementing the organization's strategy effectively, with high levels of resilience and preparedness for the future. 

Target Audience:

Features of the program

Global and Local Expertise: The program is designed and delivered by global leadership gurus and local/regional leadership development experts. 

Updated Content: The program is based on SLG's most recent strategic leadership practices. 

Methodology: The program is not a traditional course. It’s a comprehensive development and on-the-job program that combines several learning methodologies. 

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded peers and expand your professional network. 

Business Mentoring: Mentoring from business-minded experts is part of this program, focusing on the business level. 

Why Should You Join the Program?

  • Learn from global gurus. 
  • Become certified and qualified. 
  • Help your organization improve its strategic leadership and achieve successful strategic transformation and implementation. 
  • Gain strategic insight: Develop skills to confidently navigate complex business landscapes and lead. 
  • Achieve career advancement: Position yourself as a strategic leader capable of driving growth and transformation. 
  • Enhance decision-making: Master frameworks for effective decision-making under uncertainty. 
  • Join a prestigious network: Become part of a global community of accomplished leaders and innovators.

Simply, the purpose of this program is to equip you with everything you need as a leader to lead the strategy transformation and execution in your organization successfully. 

Program Objectives

  • Equip participants with advanced strategic leadership competencies and capabilities. 
  • Foster innovative strategic thinking and adaptive leadership skills. 
  • Prepare executives to tackle global business challenges with resilience and agility. 
  • Acquire the ability to grow your business. 
  • Develop the right strategy for the right organization. 
  • Expand the cultural awareness of your staff. 

Program Outcomes

  • Enhanced ability to formulate and execute strategic initiatives. 
  • Improved leadership effectiveness and team collaboration. 
  • Increased organizational agility and responsiveness to market dynamics. 
  • Overcoming complex challenges. 
  • Defining your strategic scope. 
  • Overcoming the causes of leadership development failure. 

Program Stages and Methodology

Stage 1: The Core:  

6-day In-Person program divided into 2 weeks (3 days a week).  

Stage 2: The Follow-up and Feedback:  

  • E-meeting every two weeks for 3 Months.  
  • 1 Individual session with your mentor/coach monthly.  

Stage 3: Final Project and Examination 

  • Held in person or remotely for participants from other regions. 
  • Includes the final project presentation, any other required examination, and the graduation ceremony. 



We will host virtual sessions with several global and regional leadership development experts to share their consulting roles and experiences. 


What will you learn in the program?

  • Strategic Leadership in Practice 
  • Advanced Strategic and Systemic Thinking 
  • Infrastructure of Strategic Leadership 
  • Your Vision as a Leader! Your Company’s Vision! 
  • Leadership Purpose and Essentiality 
  • Strategic Direction and Company Profile 
  • Building Your Organization's Systemic Leadership 
  • What Do You Need to Succeed as a Strategic Leader? 
  • Dealing with the Challenges 
  • Strategic Priorities 
  • Analyzing the Gaps 
  • Corporate Portfolio Strategy 
  • The Strategic Sweet Spot 
  • Leading Organizational Change 
  • Developing a Corporate Culture that Facilitates Your Strategy Implementation 
  • Leading Successful Corporate Transformation and Execution 
  • Executing Your Strategy for the Infinite Game 
  • Governance of Strategic Management and Establishing and Operating the Strategy Management Office 
  • Strategic Leadership in Strategic Management Offices and Vision Realization Offices  
  • Developing a Turnaround Strategy that Stakeholders (Including Yourself) Want 
  • Navigating Disruption: Becoming an Undisruptable Leader 
  • Strength to Lead into the Future: Prepare Your Company for the Future! 
  • Shaping Your Company's Future: Take it to the Next Level! 
  • Global Leadership and Sustainability 
  • Capstone Project and Certification 


What Do You Get When You Join the Program?

  • Program materials 
  • Program membership card 
  • Free selected book 

What Do You Get After Completing the Program?

  • Program Certificate 
  • Program Badge 
  • Appreciation Letter 
  • Adding program abbreviation (CASLE) after your name 

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Free membership at The Leadership Institute (UK) 
  • Add your information to the MARKO Advance website 
  • Regular online meetings/webinars for continued development 
  • Join the program's alumni community 
  • Priority registration in our upcoming programs 
  • Special and exceptional discounts when enrolling in other programs 

To register, contact us to confirm your eligibility!