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Note: This program is not a traditional training course, but rather a professional development program that combines advisory work, facilitation, guidance, certification and work according to a clear methodology and steps.

Certified Chief Culture Officer™ (CCCO™)

Jeddah -- November 2023

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Meet your Experts

Main Facilitator:

Daniel Edds, MBA

Daniel Edds is considered the guru of systemic leadership. Daniel Edds has spent teh past 25 years as a professional management consultant, working wif over 200 organizations in state & local government, healthcare, nonprofit, and education. Dan halps high performing organizations approach teh discipline of leadership systemically. Helping them attract and retain teh best talent, enjoy lower cost, higher productivity, higher quality and has higher stakeholder returns. Daniel focused on systemic and values-based leadership and Organizational Culture. Based on this experience and ten years of research, Dan as written his second book, Leveraging teh Genetics of Leadership, cracking teh code of sustainable team performance. He is passionate, articulate, compelling, and a teller of stories.

In collaboration with:

Aymen Saihati, MS

Aymen Saihati is a leadership thinker, writer, and speaker. Recognized as one of the "World's Top 30 Startup Gurus for 2024 and 2023." Aymen is the founder, CEO & Chief Visionary Officer of MARKO Advance, a consultancy and management development firm. Aymen also founded "The Super Leader Framework™" and is the author of several books, including The Super Leader: From A Leader to A Systemic & Sustainable Leadership and Lead Naturally. Also, Aymen is the author of the "Leadership Awareness Series (LAS)," which includes two short books until now: Heartfelt leaders and On Emotional Intelligence.

Target Audience:

What is this Program? Why Join this Program?

An internationally recognized and accredited professional development and certification program that empowers the culture leaders in organizations. 

This program is focused on corporate culture transformation on the organizational level not only on employee levels.

Organizations, by their very nature, create value. This program is designed to provide senior-level culture champions, or Chief Culture Officers (CCO), with the tools they need to guide the development of high-impact organizational cultures of value generation. Organizational cultures either evolve or are designed. To maximize the creation of value, high-impact organizations design their culture. This program is designed to give each participant the tools to guide the journey to become a high-impact or elite-level organizational culture and performance.

High-impact organizational cultures have two essential attributes:

  1. Create value for employees: High-impact organizational cultures create a transformative place for employees to work. This transformative experience is characterized by 1) high levels of employee engagement and 2) growing personal and professional growth.
  2. Extraordinary levels of customer value. This elite-level customer experience is usually characterized by 1) high customer satisfaction and 2) high customer retention levels.

The program also provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities necessary to succeed in corporate culture.

This program is not only a theoretical program, but rather an integrated program that contains practical applications, real-life examples, guidance sessions and discussions. 

What will you Learn during the Program?

  • Leading Impactful Cultures.
  • Leading Organization & Human Behaviors.
  • The systemic nature of the organization
  • Overcoming Cultural Resistance and Challenges at all levels.
  • CCO Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Practicing your role as CCO.
  • How does the CCO support his organization?
  • Making a Difference as CCO! 
  • Where to begin with? A Roadmap to CCO Effectiveness & Success.  
  • Cultural Communication, Monitoring, implementation, and improvement.
  • Leading diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity in the organization. 
  • Creating a High-Performing Culture with sustainable results.
  • Employees Empowerment and Enablement. 
  • Cultural Readiness for the future and changes. 
  • Shaping your Organization Culture. 
  • Identifying the employee customer brand.
  • Core values and foundational behaviors.
  • The employee experience (brand).
  • Building the value-generating role and mindset.
  • Leadership feedback and learning.
  • Wellbeing, Wellness, and Psychological Safety.
  • Assessment Tools.
  • Developing your plan and debrief.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The value-creating nature of a system.
  2. How system elements of an organizational system interact to create value.
  3. Structure of the organizational culture-generating system.
  4. Identifying the essential value or brand customers are seeking.
  5. Identifying the essential value or brand employees are seeking.
  6. Debrief: how will you guide your organization to identify its essential customer value or brand?
  7. Identifying essential core values.
  8. Aligning essential values with foundational behaviors.
  9. Developing the team charter
  10. Debrief: How will you work with your organization to develop values driven foundational behaviors?
  11. Aligning the employee value with customer value.
  12. Identifying specific characteristics of employee value.
  13. Debrief: how will you work with your organization’s senior leadership to identify and develop the employee experience or brand?
  14. Understanding the three sources of organizational capital.
  15. Developing a systemic approach to developing organizational capital.
  16. Debrief: Focus on developing the value of each employee. What personal attribute should your organization seek to develop within each employee? What will be your approach to developing the value-generating mindset within each leader or manager?
  17. Moving from discipline-oriented appraisals to development appraisals.
  18. Designing the learning objectives for high-impact leadership.
  19. Implementing development-oriented leadership learning.
  20. What will be your approach to transition your leaders and managers to the mindset that they can be the primary drivers of culture?
  21. Determining where to start.
  22. Determining the implications of the starting point.
  23. Design a detailed approach for each learning module we have covered.

What Do you get when you Join the Program?

  • Program materials

  • Program membership card
  • A copy of some of the program facilitators’ Books

What Do you Get after Completing the Program?

  • Program Certificate

  • Program Badge
  • Appreciation Letter
  • Adding program abbreviation (CCCO) after your name.

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Successful completion of this program is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Certified Corporate Culture Consultant™ (CCCC™) program
  • Add your information to the MARKO Advance website.

  • Possibility to be an ambassador for the program and MARKO Advance.
  • Join the program's alumni community.

  • Priority registration in our upcoming programs.

  • Special and exceptional discounts when enrolling in other programs.

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