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Certified ISO 37001 Lead Auditor - eLearning

Master the auditing of an anti-  bribery management system  (ABMS) based on ISO 37001

As technological developments continue to  increase day by day, the way we teach and learn  has also changed. The use of new and more  efficient tools for delivering knowledge has also  advanced.

PECB eLearning started as an attempt to adapt to  the ever-changing nature of online education.

PECB has created this platform to facilitate the  delivery of programs and make our  products accessible from different environments,  including the comfort of one’s own.

The ISO 37001 Lead Auditor eLearning training  course is designed to enable attendants to audit  an anti-bribery management system (ABMS)  based on the requirements of ISO 37001.

Meet the Facilitators

The ISO 37001 Lead Auditor program is  delivered by three excellent facilitators from three  different continents.

Bevan brings a vast personal experience, as well  as famous relevant case studies, such as the 2010  World Cup hosted in his homeland: South Africa.

Silvija is a Croatian professional with over two  decades of professional experience and several  scientific papers related to bribery.

Serge started his career as a member of the  Canadian police force, and has been closely related  to combating bribery throughout his entire career.

The facilitators that deliver the ISO 37001 Lead Auditor

eLearning program:

Mr. Bevan Lane

Anti-bribery Management and Information Security Expert

Ms. Silvija Vig

Compliance, Business Ethics, and Anti-corruption Expert

Mr. Serge Barbeau

Anti-bribery, Crisis, and Operations Management Expert

How does the ISO 37001 Lead Auditor eLearning experience look like?

Our ISO 37001 Lead Auditor eLearning program is  delivered on the KATE app. It becomes available after you log in  using your PECB account.

The traditional program material is available alongside  the eLearning videos. This includes the program materials  and a case study.

In addition to the lectures and the program materials,  quizzes have been incorporated into the KATE app. to ensure  that our programs are as interactive as possible.

✓Take the program

✓Access the materials on KATE

✓Enter the exam at your most convenient date, time, and  location via PECB Exams

How can you benefit from the PECB eLearning experience?

Our eLearning programs have been designed to  meet the needs of diverse learners who have different  learning preferences.

Here are some of the main benefits of the PECB eLearning


✓The fact that the entire program and examination  is carried out electronically (hence the “e” in eLearning)  means that all you need in order to access these training  courses is a device (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone),  working internet access to connect the device to, and the  KATE application. ✓

✓Having access to the programs 24/7 enables you  to dictate the pace of your study. You do not have to  worry about schedules, traveling, and accommodation, or  having to take days off from work. ✓

✓The unlimited access allows you to go back to any

section of the program as you need them.

✓Every program consists of several video sections.  This was done with the sole purpose of making the  information easy to receive and process; think of the  podcasts that we listen to while commuting, for instance.

Simply put, the eLearning programs are a convenient

way to effectively enhance your professional skills.

Your virtual classroom now is KATE!

Why should you attend?

Many organizations seek competent auditors in order to better control the effectiveness  of the anti-bribery policies and procedures in place. ISO 37001 aims to help you and  your organization complete these tasks successfully and show the importance of

an ABMS audit according to the standard. Hence, as a global provider of training,  examination, and certification services, PECB helps candidates to become successful  anti-bribery auditors, anti-bribery consultants, audit experts, and so on.

Organizations can improve their understanding of audits regarding bribery situations  and risks by having an anti-bribery management system (ABMS) based on ISO 37001.  PECB has designed this program to help participants to conduct this task as  efficiently and effectively as possible.

After attending the eLearning program, you can take the exam. If you  successfully pass it, you can apply for a “PECB Certified ISO 37001 Lead Auditor”  credential, which demonstrates your ability and practical knowledge to audit an ABMS  based on the requirements of ISO 37001.

Who should attend?

✓Managers or consultants seeking to master the ABMS audit process

✓Auditors seeking to perform and lead ABMS audits

✓Expert advisors in anti-bribery management

Program Structure

Introduction to the anti-bribery management system (ABMS) and ISO 37001

✓program objectives and structure  â Fundamental concepts and principles of anti-bribery

✓Standards and regulatory frameworks  â   Anti-bribery management system

✓Certification process

Audit principles and the preparation for and initiation of an audit

✓Fundamental audit concepts and principles  â   Risk-based auditing

✓The impact of trends and technology in auditing  â   Initiation of the audit process

✓Evidence-based auditing  â   Stage 1 audit

On-site audit activities


✓Preparing for stage 2 audit  â Audit procedures

✓Stage 2 audit  â Creating audit test plans

✓Communication during the audit

Closing of the audit


✓Drafting audit findings and nonconformity reports

✓Audit documentation and quality review

✓Closing of the audit

✓Evaluation of action plans by the auditor

Certification Exam


Learning Objectives

✓Explain the fundamental concepts and principles of an anti-

bribery management system (ABMS) based on ISO 37001

✓Interpret the ISO 37001 requirements for an ABMS from the

perspective of an auditor

✓Evaluate the ABMS conformity to ISO 37001 requirements,  in accordance with the fundamental audit concepts and  principles

✓Plan, conduct, and close an ISO 37001 compliance audit, in  accordance with ISO/IEC 17021-1 requirements, ISO 19011  guidelines, and other best practices of auditing

✓Plan, conduct, and close an ISO 37001 compliance audit, in  accordance with ISO/IEC 17021-1 requirements, ISO 19011  guidelines, and other best practices of auditing



The “PECB Certified ISO 37001 Lead Auditor” exam  meets the requirements of the PECB Examination and  Certification Program (ECP). It covers the following  competency domains:

Domain 1: Fundamental principles and concepts of an anti-  bribery management system

Domain 2: Anti-bribery management system requirements  Domain 3: Fundamental audit concepts and principles  Domain 4: Preparing an ISO 37001 audit

Domain 5: Conducting an ISO 37001 audit

Domain 6: Closing an ISO 37001 audit

Domain 7: Managing an ISO 37001 audit program

For specific information about the exam type, languages available, and  other details, please visit the List of PECB Exams and the Examination Rules  and Policies.


After successfully passing the exam, you can apply for one of the credentials shown below. You will receive the certificate once you comply with all the  requirements related to the selected credential. For more information about ISO 37001 certifications and the PECB certification process, please refer to the  Certification Rules and Policies.

General information

✓Certification fees are included in the exam price.

✓In addition to the eLearning format, participants will be provided with the program material

containing over 450 pages of explanatory information, examples, best practices, exercises, and quizzes.

✓An attestation of course completion worth 31 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits will be

issued to the participants who have attended the program.

✓In case candidates fail the exam, they can retake it within 12 months following the initial attempt for free.

Registration Instructions:

1- Open an account on the PECB website:

2- Get your PECB ID

3- Buy your course via MARKO Advance e-Store

4- In the checkout page, write your PECB ID in the “Order notes ” section

5- Make the online payment and complete your order

6- Your program will be assigned to your account within 3-working days. (Note: if you chose to pay via Tabby or Tap Payment Gateway, your course will be assigned to your account after receiving the payment from Tabby or Tap.) 

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