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Certified Values-Based Leadership

Developing Value in People & Delivering Value to Customers

Meet the Expert

Daniel B Edds, MBA

Since the mid-1990, Dan has been a practicing management consultant. His work applies the principles of Activity Based Costing, Lean process improvement, and Balanced Scorecard design to improve organizational performance. Dan’s clients include State and local government, healthcare, K-12 Education, Higher-Education, and nonprofits. In addition, he has worked in national and regional consulting firms. In total, he has worked with nearly 250 different organizations. In addition, he has been a senior volunteer examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. This framework is the “gold standard” for organizational quality and excellence. Similar programs worldwide have adopted the Baldrige framework, including the European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM).


Besides having articles accepted by national periodicals, Dan is the author of two books. His most recent book is, Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership, cracking the code of sustainable team performance (AVIVA Publishing, New York, 2020). This is the first book that uses case studies and first-person interviews to discover that high-impact organizations design their approach to Leadership as an organizational system. Case studies include education, manufacturing, industrial, small business, the U.S. Military, healthcare, and an NFL Superbowl Champion. This book is born from observing his clients over his twenty-five-year consulting practice. After completing wildly successful consulting engagements, he observed significant differences in results. Unfortunately, too many resulted in no improvement in organizational performance and employee engagement. In studying why, it became clear that the difference was Leadership. However, it was not individual leaders. Instead, the fault lay in leadership systems never designed to produce engaged employees and maximize stakeholder value. The result is a revolutionary new book that documents how high-impact organizations design leadership systems to engage their employee and deliver extraordinary customer value.

Summary and Overview

What is Systemic, Sustainable, and Values-Based Leadership?

Traditional models of leadership are exemplified by top-down, bureaucratic paradigms that derive power from charismatic and personality driven leaders. These models worked exceptionally well in economies characterized by the physical production of products. However, as manufacturing has become more complex and knowledge economies have taken over from physical production, traditional models of leadership no longer work. Jim Clifton, Chairman of the Gallup organization said it best,

The American leadership philosophy simply doesn’t work anymore.”

In addition, researchers and theorists are now recognizing that organizations which rely on charismatic, and personality driven leaders are putting too much power into the hands of too few. The opportunity for abuse rises and the organization can suffer dramatic loss when they leave.

High-Impact organizations are abandoning traditional models of leadership for a model that is 1) systemic,2) sustainable, and 3) values-based. This model is proving to deliver on the twin objectives of a transformative workplace for employees, and unparalleled customer value, and doing so amid massive complexity.

This workshop will be highly interactive, and will have two primary learning objectives:

  • How to Develop the full Value pf People

Delivering maximum value to customers starts with developing value within employees. Organizations that have developed values-based leadership recognize the inherent value of their employees as – people. These elite organizations are capturing extensive value from there people because they are intentional about developing the whole person, not just the professional person.

  • Delivering Value to Customers

Delivering maximum value to customers is more than great operational processes, and following the principles of continuous process improvement. High-impact organizations begin with a clear understanding of what customer value means – from the perspective of their customers. Too often Without absolutely clarity concerning customer value, employees and managers will fall into the trap of believing that customers buy based on price, product functionality, or process. These are all attributes that can be copied and modeled by competitors. The objective is to determine a value that will keep customers coming back year after year. 

Who Will Benefit?

  1. Seasoned executives i.e. healthcare

  2. Those who believe that people create value for customers and patients.

  3. Emerging leaders who want to develop high-impact healthcare teams.

Why Attend?

The latest Gallup research documents that two-thirds of all employees within the U.S. are either nonengaged with their employers or actively sabotaging their employers. Worldwide, this number is 87%. In spite of spending approximately $187B on leadership development, there is little evidence it is impacting organizational performance.  

However, in high-impact organizations, two-thirds of employees are actively engaged with their organizations, contributing to innovation, reducing costs, and delivering exceptional value to customers. This level of performance does not happen by accident or organizational evolution. Instead, it occurs with the intentional development of leadership systems that are designed to produce elite-level performance.

I have experienced the power of what Dan describes as a leadership system—focusing your efforts as a leader on developing and creating value versus managing/controlling, tapping into every person’s wisdom and knowledge, and using failure to learn. Dan’s book ultimately serves as an inspiration combined with offering practical advice for leaders who want to create a high-performing organization.”

Sara Patterson, Executive Director, Virginia Mason Institute, Seattle, Washington

What You Will Receive

Your registration and participation will include a signed copy of Dan’s internationally acclaimed book, Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership, cracking the code of sustainable team performance. In addition, you will receive the companion workbook and program certificate.

Schedule and Outline

Module 1.A – Systemic Leadership
Session 1: Developing organizational leadership capacity and capability.
Module 1.B – Building the Sustainable Foundation
Session 2:  Identifying customer value for sustainable growth.
Module 1.C Creating Value From Values
Session 3: Aligning core values with foundational behaviors.
Session 4: Designing the employee experience (psychological safety, empowerment, collaboration, fearlessness, etc.).
Module 2.A Developing the Value of all Capital Resources
Session 5: Developing the Full Value of Human Capital.
Session 6: Developing the Full Value of Financial and Knowledge Capital.
Module 2.B – Feedback and Learning

Session 7: Recognition and Learning.

Session 8: Building the Plan for Long-Term Transformation.

Session: Practical Implementation and Exercises


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