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Note: This program is not a traditional training course, but rather a professional development program that combines advisory work, coaching, guidance, certification and work according to a clear methodology and steps.

Certified Leadership Development Consultant™ (CLDC™)

What is this Program?

An internationally recognized and accredited professional development and certification program that is implemented in several stages. 

By completing this program, you'll be a qualified and certified consultant for leadership development in organizations according to the innovative methodology of Ayman Saihati, in cooperation with international expert Daniel Edds.

This program aims to graduate qualified and effective consultants capable of making a difference.

The program also provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to succeed in this field.

Target Audience:

Why Join this Program?

If you are interested in acquiring skills and abilities related to leadership development, or if you want to build your career path as a specialized consultant on a solid scientific foundation and in accordance with successful practices in this field, then this program is your way to do so.

Not only that, but it will help you acquire other supporting skills related to public relations, marketing, and sales, which are essential skills for every professional in this field.

This program is not only a theoretical one but rather an integrated one that contains practical applications, real-life examples, guidance sessions, and periodic follow-up. It is considered an on-the-job (consulting) development program that includes actual practice of what you learn during the program.

Program Stages

Stage 1: The Core

Duration: 6 days of a comprehensive program, including the examination.

Stage 2: Follow-up and Feedback

E-meeting every two weeks (during weekends) via Zoom for a period of 3 months, for a total of 6 meetings (3 follow-up meetings + 3 specialized meetings related to public relations, marketing, and sales).

With the possibility of participants receiving individual guidance or coaching sessions when needed.

Stage 3: Final Project and Examination 

It is held in person in Riyadh or remotely for participants from other regions and includes the final project presentation and the graduation ceremony.


We will host virtually several global and regional leadership and leaders development experts to share with us their consulting roles and experiences as leadership development consultants and experts. 

What will you Learn during the Program?

  • The Science of Leadership
  • Leadership Psychology
  • Understanding Human and organizational behaviors
  • Why Leadership Development Fails

  • Overcoming the causes of leadership development failure

  • Overcoming challenges
  • The Super Leadership FrameworkTM
  • Defining your consultation scope
  • Providing Consultation services

  • Designing Leadership Development Services
  • Measuring leadership status

  • Measuring your outcomes
  • Position yourself as a leadership development consultant

  • Systematize organizational leadership practices

  • Successful Leadership Development Programs and Initiatives
  • Assessment Tools
  • Other related topics. 

What Do you get when you Join the Program?

  • Program materials

  • Templates, including marketing and sales

  • Guides for the fields of sales, marketing and public relations to help you find your way
  • Program membership card
  • A copy of some of the program facilitators’ Books

What Do you Get after Completing the Program?

  • Program Certificate

  • Program Badge
  • Appreciation Letter
  • Adding program abbreviation (CLDC) after your name
  • The possibility of being a facilitator for this program and the Super Leadership programs under the umbrella of MARKO Advance after completing the qualifying program and other requirements.

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Free Membership at The Leadership Institute (UK)
  • Add your information to the MARKO Advance website.

  • Direct access to Ayman Saihati, even after the end of the program.

  • Possibility to be an ambassador for the program and MARKO Advance.
  • Regular online meetings/webinars for continued development.

  • Join the program's alumni community.

  • Priority registration in our upcoming programs.

  • Special and exceptional discounts when enrolling in other programs.

Meet your Experts

Aymen Saihati, MS

Aymen Saihati is a leadership thinker, writer, and speaker. Recognized as one of the "World's Top 30 Startups Gurus for 2023." Aymen is the founder, CEO & Chief Visionary Officer of MARKO Advance, a consultancy and management development firm. Aymen also founded "The Super Leader Framework™" and is the author of several books, including The Super Leader: From A Leader to A Systemic & Sustainable Leadership and Lead Naturally. Also, Aymen is the author of the "Leadership Awareness Series (LAS)," which includes two short books until now: Heartfelt leaders and On Emotional Intelligence.

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