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Certified Organizational Culture Consultant (COCC)

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Join the World's #1 Organizational Culture Thinker to EVOLVE YOUR CAREER

Earn Credentials as an Internationally Accredited Certified Organizational Culture Consultant

Meet the Expert

Arthur Carmazzi​

Ranked World’s #1 Thought Leader in Organizational Culture, Founder of the DC Psychology, and Creator of the Global Mentor Exchange Metaverse Arthur was awarded the world’s #1 organizational culture thinker from 2021 to 2023 by Global Gurus. He is the Creator of the Web3 “Global Mentor Exchange” Learning & Development Metaverse. He is the founder of the accredited Directive Communication Psychology and bestselling author of 13 books including Amazon #1 Seller “GAME ON – Reinventing Organizational Culture with Gamification”

Immediate Profit Opportunities

- Pre Digital Transformation
- Employee Engagement
- Nurturing Innovation
- Improving Communication

Solution Based DC Assessment Suite

Discover Your How

The Colored Brain deals with the ROOT CAUSE affecting team communication and respect. It deals with only one very specific yet very important factor - how people get CLARITY, which then determines sequences for action. Because we misinterpret genetic “Process” for “Personality” this one factor affects trust, respect, and how valuable people feel in a team or group.

Perception Gap Analysis

The EDMA supports Managers to become the Leaders they THINK they are! The tool uses gamification to find the GAPS between how they see themselves compared to how others see them. The easy-to-use 360 online system shows “Perception Gaps” at different reporting levels and measures the progression of closing those gaps.

Measure, Motivate, and Move Your Teams to Greatness

The Squadli Performance Management Review app uses point-weighted emojis and awards that are given to team members (360 also optional) based on positive or negative behaviors that affect specific relevant organization objectives.

Course Outline

Learn the Strategies Successfully used with DELL, Emirates, the Malaysian State Corporation., Daimler, and more. This course includes 21 modules strategy and implementation processes over 2 Months.
  • Why Organizational  Culture?

  • Understanding your Consultant Dashboard.

  • Before you start -Defining ROI.

  • What is Culture Evolution.

  • Benchmarking. Organizational Culture.

  • Culture and Digital Transformation.

  • Culture objectives and Motivational fit.

  • The importance of trust in culture development.

  • The root cause of why trust breaks down.

  • Identifying Key Influencers.

  • Creating a culture EVOLUTION plan.

  • Organizational culture leadership.

  • Measurement and assessment.

  • Assessing managements impact on culture.

  • Identifying perception gaps.

  • Creating guiding principles.

  • Gamifying Culture Values and Behaviors.

  • Using Gamification Apps.

  • Work Gamification.

  • Sustaining a high performance organizational culture.

Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus#1: $ 4.000

Get Free tools:

– 4 OCEAN credits: $2000

– 20 CBCI credits: $400

– 20 Management Mirror credits: $1600

Bonus#3: $ 3.000

Ads to drive traffic to the culture consulting site. As a registered Consultant you are featured in the “FIND A CONSULTANT NEAR YOU” page. We help you Build your Business by Leveraging on Our Marketing.

Bonus#5: 40%

Margin with Tools Resells Rights. Make hundreds or even Thousands of Dollars from the tools even before you start consulting job.

Bonus#2: $ 1.000

All the Marketing Materials You Need to Succeed: Email Templates, Infographics, Process Maps, Case Studies, Proposal Templates. You do not need to do this alone with the DCI MARKETING SUPPORT TEAM to help you.

Bonus#4: $ 2.200

Join Arthur LIVE to augment your ONLINE Training and practice strategy, pitching, and the creation of Winning Proposals to get you job

Bonus#6: Arthur Carmazzi

Direct Access to Arthur Carmazzi. this Bonus is Priceless… Having access to the guru himself is rare in today’s learning world… including his LIVE mastermind valued at $500

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