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Certified Organizational Resiliency & Sustainability Professional (CORSP)

Program Objectives

At MARKO Advance & Super Leadership Global, we envision a world where organizations are built to last, with robust institutional strength and resilience. These organizations deliver a diversity of long-term impacts: financial benefits, societal benefits, and environmental benefits. And most of all, they regard their most important product to be the people of the organization. In this program, you will learn to lead with radical self-awareness and to build strength to lead at every level or your organization.

Program Value Proposition

Building a resilient organization begins with leaders who focus on their own self-awareness first. All the other leadership skills, while important, amount to nothing unless the leader knows their own mind, understands how their attention and thinking is being influenced by their inner thoughts and assumptions and can pivot to leading from their Essential Self. In this program, you will learn how to “change your mind” from a fearful, frustrated experience of being to a leader’s deep sense of self.

Target Audience

This program is designed for leaders at all levels of their career journey, from those anticipating their first leadership role to those preparing to turn the company controls over to the next generation of committed, courageous leadership.

Program Agenda

  • Leadership Purpose and Essentiality

    • The Five P’s of a Great Organization

      • We teach leaders how to focus on getting to the right questions, framing the story of the organization’s purpose and journey.

      • 5 P’s: Purpose, people, process, product and payoff.

      • We work to identify your personal goals and ambitions within the context of your organizational values and commitments.

      • How do we harness our leadership mindset to build a stronger, more resilient global economy and create social value? How do we create a resilient and sustainable strategy? 

  • Understanding the Resilient Mindset

    • Leadership Metacognition and Resilience 

      • Identify Gifts, Goals, Values, Boundaries and Cognitive Biases: We uncover where you are as a leader, including both your thoughts and emotions, to help you harness the power of metacognition and self-awareness to change outcomes. 

      • We will work through a series of awareness techniques and exercises to bring attention to your thoughts and emotions, helping you better understand what’s at the core of your decision-making.


  • ISO 22316 Organizational Resilience Foundation

  • Building Resiliency into an Organization

      • Confrontation, Compassion and Conflict Resolution

        1. How to “lower the temp” for conflict resolution.

        2. How to provide and receive feedback.

        3. Learning coping mechanisms and setting meaningful goals.

        4. The Art of Mindfulness, Compassion, Acceptance.

        5. The Art of Listening.

  • Strength to Lead into the Future

    • Emergence: Finding the Future Today

    • Thinking Short and Long

      • What is our long-term strategy and how do we communicate it? What key challenges do we need to tackle to achieve our long-term vision? What should our team be focused on building now? 

      • We will work on understanding what to say yes to, and what to say no to. Identifying our set of choices, or trade-offs, to build organizational resilience into the future. 

      • We will go through exercises that include moonshot thinking, futurecasting, retrocasting, and prototyping. 


  • Staying on Track (Final Assignment)

    • Complete the final workbook (final project) for your certification

      • Part 1:

        1. Identifying values and gifts.

      • Part 2: 

        1. Identify stress style.

        2. Identify perceptual biases.

        3. Identify boundaries.

      • Part 3: 

        1. Identify coping strategies.

        2. Set meaningful goals.

      • Part 4:

        1. Scenario-based journaling around confrontation and conflict resolution.

      • Part 5: 

        1. Mindfulness exercise.

      • Part 6: 

        1. Create final leadership resiliency plan for Reservoir LLC certification of completion.


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