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About the Certification:

Note: This program is not a traditional training course, but rather a professional development program that combines advisory work, coaching, guidance, certification and work according to a clear methodology and steps.

Certified Strategic Leadership Executive™ (CSLE™)

We aim to build a World-Class Strategic Leaders!

What is this Program?

The program enhances participants' knowledge, skills, and abilities in strategic leadership, transforming their minds and thinking from the basics to an advanced awareness of strategic leadership. Participants will be able to recognize and identify the steps to fully realize their company's strategic vision and understand how it can help them in their industry. This program will develop the skills needed to transition from a manager or individual contributor to a strategic leader who guides their staff and company towards achieving objectives. It is designed to support strategy implementation by middle management and operational and non-strategic staff, preparing them for promotion into strategic positions.  

Target Audience:

Features of the program

Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on learning through interactive workshops and case studies. 

Expert Facilitators: Learn from experienced industry leaders and experts. 

Practical Applications: Apply learning through real-world projects and simulations. 

Personalized Coaching and Mentoring: Receive personalized feedback and guidance from mentors. 

Why Should You Join the Program?

Joining the Certified Strategic Leadership Executive program will enable you to: 

  • Learn from global gurus. 
  • Become certified and qualified. 
  • Help your organization achieve strategic transformation and implementation. 
  • Acquire strategic leadership skills applicable to your current role and future career progression. 
  • Gain insights into industry best practices and emerging trends. 
  • Expand your professional network and learn from experienced peers. 
  • Earn a respected certification that validates your strategic leadership competencies. 
  • Position yourself for greater responsibility and career advancement opportunities. 


  • Equip participants with strategic leadership competencies. 
  • Enhance strategic thinking and decision-making skills to navigate complex challenges. 
  • Foster a culture of innovation and agility within teams and across departments. 
  • Develop the ability to lead organizational change initiatives effectively. 
  • Find solutions for organizational problems. 
  • Overcome the causes of leadership failure. 
  • Develop the mindset of a successful leader. 


  • Lead teams with confidence, inspiring collaboration and achieving results. 
  • Effectively implement strategic initiatives that align with organizational goals. 
  • Navigate change and uncertainty while maintaining operational efficiency. 
  • Implement strategic initiatives that drive innovation, growth, and sustainable competitive advantage. 
  • Acquire the ability to undertake leadership responsibilities. 
  • Translate learning into action. 


Program Stages and Methodology:  

Stage 1: The Core:  

6-day In-Person program (6 days in a row).  

Stage 2: The Follow-up and Feedback:  

  • E-meeting every two weeks for 3 Months.  
  • 1 Individual session with your mentor/coach monthly.  

Stage 3: Final Project and Examination 

  • Held in person or remotely for participants from other regions. 
  • Includes the final project presentation, any other required examinations, and the graduation ceremony. 


We will host virtual sessions with several global and regional leadership development experts to share their consulting roles and experiences.


  • Foundation of Strategic Leadership 
  • Strategic Thinking in Practice 
  • Systemic Thinking in Practice 
  • Systemic Leadership: Your Key Roles 
  • What Strategy ‘Is’ and ‘Is Not’ 
  • Strategic Leadership vs. Strategic Management 
  • Leadership Qualities for Strategic Management 
  • The Role of Leaders in Delivering Strategy 
  • Developing and Communicating a Clear Message 
  • Knowing Your Organization 
  • Through the Eyes of the CEO 
  • Corporate Portfolio Strategy 
  • Corporate Strategy Map 
  • Supporting Strategy Implementation and Execution 
  • Strategy Infrastructure 
  • Understanding Your Role as a Strategic Leader 
  • Strategic Leadership in Operation and Support 
  • Strategic Leadership and Supporting the Strategic Management Offices and Vision Realization Offices 
  • Strategic Leadership in Practice 
  • How Can Your Organization's Strategy Be Implemented Successfully? 
  • Transform the Strategy to Your Staff 
  • Leading in VUCA Time 
  • Dealing with the Challenges 
  • Prepare Yourself for Your Next Strategic Position 
  • And more! 

What Do You Get When You Join the Program?

  • Program materials 
  • Program membership card 
  • Free selected book 

What Do You Get After Completing the Program?

  • Program Certificate 
  • Program Badge 
  • Appreciation Letter 
  • Adding program abbreviation (CSLE) after your name 

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Free membership at The Leadership Institute (UK) 
  • Add your information to the MARKO Advance website 
  • Regular online meetings/webinars for continued development 
  • Join the program's alumni community 
  • Priority registration in our upcoming programs 
  • Special and exceptional discounts when enrolling in other programs 

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