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Note: This program is not a traditional training course, but rather a professional development program that combines advisory work, facilitation, guidance, certification and work according to a clear methodology and steps.

Certified Super Leadership Practitioner™ (CSLP™)

Riyadh - October 2024

What is this Program? Why Join this Program?

An internationally recognized and accredited professional development and certification program that is based on the Super Leadership Framework. The goal is to learn how to implement this framework successfully and effectively.  This framework aims to build extraordinary organizational leadership.

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Why Join this Program?

This program is based on “The Super Leadership Framework” which was developed and created by the leadership guru Mr. Aymen Saihati.

This framework is characterized by the ability to cover everything’s that any organization looking for, especially to have an effective systematic leadership that really works for their needs and sustains their leadership system and capabilities.

The program combined science, evidence-based, organizational experience, and the elements that lead to the agreed outcomes and extraordinary leadership.

One of our strong points regarding this program is that created and delivered mainly by Mr. Aymen Saihati who is an internationally well-recognized global guru and studied deeply the causes that lead to leadership and leaders’ development programs, courses, initiatives, etc, are failed. 

This program is designed to apply on an individual level to be able to carry it out whenever they work or live. It helps them to develop their own super leadership practices and implement them in their life and profession effectively. 

What Do you get when you Join the Program?

  • Program materials
  • Program membership card
  • A copy of the program facilitator’s Book

What Do you Get after Completing the Program?

  • Program Certificate

  • Program Badge
  • Appreciation Letter
  • Adding the program abbreviation (CLIP™) after your name.

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Program Certificate
  • Program Badge
  • Appreciation Letter
  • Adding program abbreviation (CSLP) after your name

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