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Certified Strategy Professional (CSP)

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This advanced training course will provide a strong foundation in strategy development, KPI, targets, strategy alignment, and strategy execution knowledge.

Program Overview:

  • The purpose of this online program is to highlight the critical factors that lead to successful strategy development and implementation. It focuses on the reasons why some organizations effectively implement their strategic plan while many others fail to do so.
  • In addition, it aims to inform the student on various effective tools and techniques used in strategic planning cycle, from development stage to implementation stage.
  • Having an effective strategic planning and execution process is becoming increasingly critical in today’s dynamic and integrated environment. For this reason, this program fills the gap by introducing most common weaknesses that could help strategic planning and performance professionals to avoid them and do their job more effectively.
  • Leaders had been developing and executing strategies for centuries, but with most common weaknesses highlighted here, there is a fairly high likelihood that they will do fewer mistakes in the future. Summarizing all what “To-Do” and what “Not-To-Do” in one free book “Strategy Planning & Execution From A to Z” is an advantage.


  • Strategy Development
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Strategy Management
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • KPIs Selection
  • KPIs Forms & Types
  • KPIs Polarity & Documentation
  • Target Setting Methods
  • Strategy Vertical Alignment
  • Strategy Horizontal Alignment
  • Employee Alignment
  • OGSM Strategy Method
  • Cascading in Public Sector
  • Strategy Execution
  • Strategy Review Meeting
  • Leadership & Communication

Program Map

Certification Process:

  1. Take the “Certified KPI Professional” course

  2. Take the examination online

Certification Exam:

Note: The exam is designed to test your strategy, KPI, targets and performance management knowledge.

Free Gifts

  • “KPI Mega Library” Phone APP with 36,000 KPIs
  • Kippy Cloud system (for 14 days)
  • 2 Balanced Scorecards template with dashboards
  • Projects template with dashboards (Excel)
  • HR appraisal template with individual KPIs (Excel)
  • Quarterly performance review meeting template
  • Strategy & KPI Terminologies for future use (PDF)
  • Kaizen Initiative Template and process (Excel)
  • “Strategy Planning & Execution From A to Z” Book

Certificate Sample

Program Facilitator

Dr. Rachad Baroudi

A major international consultant with specialized experiences in the areas of policy development, strategic planning, and performance management, in the United States (8 years), Canada (8 years), and the Arabian Gulf region (15 years).

He holds a doctorate degree in the field of “Strategic Planning”. He holds a master’s degree with honors in Business Administration from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA.

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