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Certified Turnaround Strategy & Leadership Professional (CTSLP)

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Aymen Saihati, MS

Aymen Saihati is a leadership thinker, writer, and speaker. Recognized as one of the "World's Top 30 Startups Gurus for 2023." Aymen is the founder, CEO & Chief Visionary Officer of MARKO Advance, a consultancy and management development firm in Saudi Arabia. Aymen also founded "The Super Leader Framework™" and is the author of several books, including The Super Leader: From A Leader to A Systemic & Sustainable Leadership and Lead Naturally. Also, Aymen is the author of the "Leadership Awareness Series (LAS)," which includes two short books until now: Heartfelt leaders and On Emotional Intelligence.

Program Objectives

At MARKO Advance, we help organizations that are struggling to change, to step out of a zero-growth rut and find a new future. The yesterday’s leadership and management practices cannot be used to turn a company around. In fact, they are the practices that caused the problems in the first place. This program is for leaders focused on finding new models for a new world.

Program Value Proposition

Turning a struggling operation into an innovative, fast-forward organization begins with leaders who focus on three things: people first, then exploitation of current revenue streams and, third, exploration of what the market and their customers need next. You’ll learn from stories of failure and success what works in a turnaround and what doesn’t. And you’ll build a toolkit of proven success for creating and leading teams, developing new leaders, and leveraging Lean organizational concepts to reach Operational Excellence.

Program Target Audience

This program is designed for courageous leaders at upper levels of their career journey who might be asked to turn around a stalled or failing organization.

Program Agenda

  • Day One Morning: Leadership Purpose and Essentiality
    • The Five P’s of a Great Organization
      • We teach leaders how to focus on getting to the right questions, framing the story of the organization’s purpose and journey
      • 5 P’s: Purpose, people, process, product and payoff 
      • We work to identify your personal goals and ambitions within the context of your organizational values and commitments
      • How do we harness our leadership mindset to build a stronger, more resilient global economy and create social value? How do we create a resilient and sustainable strategy? 

  • Day One Afternoon: Putting Your People First
    • Developing a Leadership Culture of Ownership and Innovation 
      • Understanding that in the best organizations, the leaders serve the people who serve the customers. In order to implement a strategy that works, we must first understand the: 
        • Core Behaviors: How to build engagement in the workplace 
        • Company’s Aim and Ambition: How to create a strategy that factors in the company’s “Why” for KPIs and OKRs 


  • Day Two Morning: Strength to Lead into the Future
    • Emergence: Finding the Future Today
    • Thinking Short and Long
      • What is our long-term strategy and how do we communicate it? What key challenges do we need to tackle to achieve our long-term vision? What should our team be focused on building now? 
      • We will work on understanding what to say yes to, and what to say no to. Identifying our set of choices, or trade-offs, to build organizational resilience into the future. 
      • We will go through exercises that include moonshot thinking, futurecasting, retrocasting and prototyping. 


  • Day Two Afternoon: Developing a Turnaround Strategy that Stakeholders (Including Yourself) Want
    • Developing a strategic plan for implementation
      • For a successful implementation, your strategic plan will outline: 
        • What are your goals and objectives? 
        • What are the key projects and initiatives that will help you reach your measurement for success? 
        • How does implementation (including the KPIs and OKRs) fit within your company vision, mission and focus areas? (Will you have executive buy-in?) 
        • How does this implementation fit into your personal leadership journey? (Will you lead by example?) 
        • Who are your competitors and what choices are they making? 
      • To facilitate strategic and innovative thinking, we will conduct: 
        • Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create (ERRC) exercise: “If we are going to prioritize this new product or program, what are we doing to reduce or eliminate so that we can be industry leaders in our approach?” 


  • Day Three: Building to Last (Final Assignment)
    • Complete final workbook for certificate of completion
      • Part 1:
        • Building Relationships 
          • Why do we have difficulty understanding one another? 
          • The Triangulation Theory of Misunderstanding 
          • HAIL Practice 
          • To listen is to respond 
      • Part 2: 
        • Thinking Upstream 
          • The Trap of Reaction
      • Part 3: 
        • Leading in the Infinite Game 
          • How to turn around with 5 key principles
            • Just Cause 
            • Trusting Teams 
            • Worthy Rival 
            • Existential Flexibility 
            • Courage to Lead 

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