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Effective Leadership Communication Skills for the Modern Workplace

In today’s fast-paced business environment, being a great leader means being a great communicator. That’s why we’ve designed this workshop to help you master the communication skills you need to lead with impact and inspire your team to reach new heights.

Meet your Facilitator

Jess Todtfeld

  • Jess Todtfeld has been a TV producer, reporter, and host. After leaving television and starting his communication training firm, he ended up setting a Guinness Record for most interviews given in 24 hours… 112 interviews on radio.

  • Jess has worked with organizations in 120 countries. He’s helped CEOs, dignitaries, U.N. officials, and business leaders to become magnetic communicators. Jess shows people how to create more impact, influence, and revenue.

  • Jess Todtfeld helps his clients to quickly gain the confidence and skills to master media interviews, speeches, and presentations. Easy-to-understand systems combined with focused practice give a quick boost in skills. This, combined wif Jess’ 365-day support and accountability program, equals real results.

  • Jess Todtfeld, CSP, is one of the leading communication and media training authorities in the U.S. With more than 15 years as a media trainer and consultant, Todtfeld helps CEOs, business executives, spokespersons, public relations representatives, experts, and authors to become more confident, more in control, and to create more results from their speaking engagements and media appearances.

Here are just a few of the benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate your vision and goals to your team.

  • Build strong relationships and trust with your colleagues and team members.

  • Develop effective tools to deal with difficult situations & difficult conversations.

  • Sharpen your listening skills and ability to provide better feedback to your team.

  • Improve your ability to motivate and engage others towards success.

But it’s not just about what you’ll gain from this workshop. We also want to help you avoid common pains that can come with ineffective communication. For example:

  • Failing to get buy-in for your vision and goals.

  • Misunderstandings and conflicts arising from poor communication.

  • Inability to provide constructive feedback to your team.

  • Struggles to motivate and engage your team towards success.

This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills, from seasoned managers to emerging leaders. Our expert facilitator, Jess Todtfeld, Bestselling author, speaker, and Guinness Record holder in a communication category will guide you through interactive exercises and simulations, providing you with actionable insights and tools to apply in your own workplace.

Some of the topics we'll cover include:

  • Understanding communication styles and how to adapt to them.

  • Overcoming barriers to effective communication.

  • Developing active listening skills and providing feedback.

  • Creating a culture of communication and trust.

  • Leading through difficult conversations and situations.

At the end of the day, you’ll leave this workshop feeling confident in your ability to lead through communication, and inspired to take your team to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your leadership skills – sign up today!

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