Turnaround Strategy & Leadership

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Turnaround Strategy & Leadership

“This is a period where you’re going to disrupt or be disrupted.” John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus, Cisco

At Reservoir & MARKO Advance, we intend to be at the heart of a transformation of leadership consciousness in pursuit of two essential questions: What world are we called to create? And how do we elevate the human experience? We see leadership and work as a path of self-knowledge and enlightenment. In our client organizations, and in other like-minded organizations around the world, we see the magnitude and diversity of impacts that such leadership creates.

We Advise senior leaders. We Advance leadership development and learning at the C-Suite and mid-level. We Advocate for better outcomes for people and the planet.

Meet your Facilitators

Inna Ulanova

Inna Ulanova is on a mission to redefine what strength looks like. After a decade consulting executives, start-up teams and global corporations on design thinking and strategic communications, Inna joined the Reservoir team as a partner to change the game and level the playing field for next-gen leaders. As the Chief Play Officer, Inna guides teams to better understand themselves and others through empathy, creative play and psychology. She is the head of Reservoir Advance, an innovation lab for workshops and interaction design. Inna is also a disabilities advocate through her company Small Meet Large.

Sergio Gutierrez

As a turnaround CEO, Sergio Gutierrez knows how to take a company from crisis to creative success. As a Supply Chain executive with 25 years of experience in North America and Europe, he is a specialist in launching new operations, recovering companies and implementing processes focused on healthy, sustainable, financial, and operational performance. Sergio is a decisive, agile servant leader with a consistent and relentless approach for establishing a people-first culture, empowering workplace transformation. Over the years, he has successfully led change in global organizations with complex logistics and manufacturing processes, utilizing Operational Excellence and Lean principles.

Dain Dunston

Dain Dunston has spent 30 years as an advisor and coach to leaders, helping them frame the foundation of their personal and professional journeys. He is author of Being Essential: Seven Questions for Living and Leading with Radical Self-Awareness. Other books include Nanovation: How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold with Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, The Downside of Up: A Comic Novel of Outrageous Fortune and The Straight Dope: A Novel of Sex, Death and Rock & Roll. He is a frequent speaker on leadership, culture and coaching topics. Dain is the founding partner of Reservoir.

Workshop Objectives:

At Reservoir & MARKO Advance, we envision a world where organizations are designed with a genetic code to create an essential culture that is built to last far into the future and deliver a diversity of long-term impacts: financial benefits, societal benefits, and environmental benefits.

To create a sustainable society, we must start with a sustainable leadership culture. The objectives of the “Successful Strategic Management & Leadership” workshop are in two-part.

  • We will work through a series of awareness techniques and exercises to bring attention to your thoughts and emotions, helping you better understand what’s at the core of your decision-making.
  • We will work through a series of “present casting” and futurecasting techniques and exercises to generate moonshot thinking, an innovative approach to problem-solving around differentiation and transformation strategies.
  • We’ll take a deep dive into the “anatomy” of innovation and take a look at the surprising nature of game-changing new ideas.

Workshop Value Proposition:

  • In these times of constant change, every leader needs a new way of thinking about strategy and execution. With constant innovation in processes and technology, pressures on both global and local economies, and societal transformation, what worked last year may not work next year.
  • That is why this workshop is focused on understanding how to implement a turnaround strategy, where leaders can weather any crisis or change of market dynamics. Literally, they can sustain smooth operations and financial outcomes, no matter how disruptive the market appears.

Workshop Attendees:

This workshop is designed to engage leadership in a growing organization – or leaders across organizational and industry boundaries – in imagining what wants to happen next in society and what your industry and your organization can do to promote sustainable progress.

We use present casting, futurecasting and turnaround strategy techniques to help leaders visualize the emerging future so they can give birth to better outcomes with the appropriate strategy in hand.

This workshop is right for you, if you are:

  • A C-Suite Executive in a growing organization
  • A Chief Strategy Officer, or Strategic Director/Manager in your organization
  • An operational leader (VP/Director-Level) in your organization
  • An entrepreneurial leader that has a specific project and is in need of strategic guidance for implementation and execution
  • Project Director/Manager involved in Strategy Execution
  • Senior Strategy Professionals

Workshop Agenda:

  1. Leadership Purpose and Essentiality, 1.5 hours
  • Primary Facilitator: Dain Dunston; Co-facilitator: Inna Ulanova 
  • We teach leaders how to focus on getting to the right questions, framing the story of the  organization’s purpose and journey.
  1. Leadership Metacognition and Resilience, 2 hours
  • Primary Facilitator: Inna Ulanova; Co-facilitator: Dain Dunston
  •  We uncover where you are as a leader, including both your thoughts and emotions, to help you harness the power of metacognition and self-awareness to change outcomes.
  1. The P’s of Strategic Management, 2.5 hours
  • Primary Facilitator: Dain Dunston; Co-facilitator: Sergio Gutierrez
  • 5 P’s: Purpose, people, process, product and payoff
  • We work to identify your personal goals and ambitions within the context of your organizational values and commitments.

 How do we harness our leadership mindset to build a stronger, more resilient global economy, and create social value? How do we create a resilient and sustainable strategy?

  1. Putting Your People First, 1.5 hours
  • Primary Facilitator: Sergio Gutierrez; Co-facilitator: Dain Dunston
  • Developing a Leadership Culture of Ownership and Innovation
  • Understanding that in the best organizations, the leaders serve the people who serve the customers. In order to implement a strategy that works, we must first understand the:

         1- Core Behaviors: How to build engagement in the workplace.

         2- Company’s Aim and Ambition: How to create a strategy that factors in the company’s “Why”              for KPIs and OKRs.

  1. Emergence:  Finding The Future today, 2 hours
  • Primary Facilitator: Inna Ulanova; Co-facilitator: Dain Dunston
  • Understanding Moonshot Thinking: Design, Discover, Frame, Inspire, Futurecast, Retrocast, Prototype
  • What is our long-term strategy and how do we communicate it? What key challenges do we need to tackle to achieve our long-term vision? What should our team be focused on building now?
  • Present casting:

       “Buying a Change” exercise: Understanding what to say yes to, and what to say no to. Identifying           your set of choices, or trade-offs, to create a service or offering that is recognizably different                  from competitors.  

  1. Developing a Turnaround Strategy that Stakeholders (Including Yourself) Want, 2.5 hours
  • Primary Facilitator: Sergio Gutierrez; Co-facilitator: Inna Ulanova
  •  In this final session, we will combine all of the workshop learnings together in a working session to design a strategic plan for implementation.
  • For a successful implementation, your strategic plan will outline:

     1- What are your goals and objectives?

     2- What are the key projects and initiatives that will help you reach your measurement for success?

     3- How does implementation (including the KPIs and OKRs) fit within your company vision, mission        and focus areas? (Will you have executive buy-in?)

     4-How does this implementation fit into your personal leadership journey? (Will you lead by                     example?)

     5-Who are your competitors and what choices are they making?

  • To facilitate strategic and innovative thinking, we will conduct:

     “Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create (ERRC)” exercise: “If we are going to prioritize this new product           or program, what are we going to reduce or eliminate so that we can be industry leaders in our             approach?”

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