MARKO Advance

Teams Development

Building Effective Teams which characterized by the following:

  • Communicating effectively and leveraging individual and collective strengths
  • Distributing information consistently
  • Establishing clear, shared goals
  • Laying out expectations
  • Rewarding equally
  • Meeting occasionally
  • Managing stress and burnout
  • Being transparent
  • It enables people to develop their interpersonal skills and improve their performance.
  • Understanding others and their strengths and preferences
  • Recognizing differences, adapting to connect and engage others

In MARKO Advance, we are providing two teamwork development programs:

1. Effective Team Dynamics

2. Effective Team Development


Effective Team Dynamics

Effective Team Development


5 Weeks

7 Weeks

Developed by

Leadership Management International (LMI)

Leadership Management International (LMI)


High-Performance & Team Success

Team Productivity & Winning Teams

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Facilitation Languages

Arabic – English

Arabic – English

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ONE: The Power of Effective Teamwork

The Benefits of Teamwork

What is a “Team”?

A Good Starting Point

High-Performance Teamwork

Understanding Your Team

Team Stage Evaluation

TWO: Five Keys to Team Success

Crystallize Your Thinking

Develop a Plan of Action for Your Goals

Develop Sincere Desire

Develop Supreme Confidence

Develop Dogged Determination

Team Plan of Action

Personal Development Plan

Problem Solver

THREE: High-Performance Teamwork

The Cornerstone of Teamwork

Trust Creates Respect, Synergy, and Success

Assuming Responsibility

Being Accountable

Communicating for Results

Celebrating Your Success Levels of Trust

Communication Strengths

Opportunities for Growth

ONE: Your Potential For Personal Leadership

Building On Current Strengths

The Rewards of Leadership

Your Untapped Potential

Self Image

Self Motivation

Goal Direction

TWO: Motivation Through Attitudes and Habits

Satisfying Needs

The Exchange System

Traditional Approaches to Motivation

Motivation Through Attitudes and Habits

Altering Attitudes and Habits

Dealing with Demotivators

THREE: Building A Winning Team Building A Winning Team

The Slight Edge

Personal Rewards

The Team Environment Wheel

FOUR: Improving Productivity Through


Time for Communicating

Empathy in Communication

Clarifying with Effective Questions

Listening for the Total Message

Tips for Speed Reading

Writing for Maximum Impact

Communicating with Groups

FIVE: Increasing the Productivity of the Team

Sharing and Communicating Goals

Creating a Learning Environment

Developing and Coaching Self-Directed

Work Teams

Positive Expectancy

Strategies and Methods for Training

Efficient Procedures

Productive Meeting Strategies

Celebrating Your Success

The Productivity Challenge